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gemstone portfolio

Project Overview

GemstoneandAstrology is a Kolkata-based astrology and gemstone provider with a strong offline presence. The challenge was to transition into the digital sphere and expand its reach to a wider audience. The company sought to increase its online visibility and become a reputable source for astrology and gemstone services in the city.

Client: Mr. Tarak Dhali (Kolkata)

Date : 25 May 2023

Categories: Web Development

To achieve the project’s objectives, the following tasks will be performed:

  1. Improved Rankings: GemstoneandAstrology’s website saw significant improvements in search engine rankings. It started appearing on the first page for many relevant keywords.

  2. Increased Organic Traffic: The website experienced a surge in organic traffic. Visitors were now actively searching for astrology and gemstone services in Kolkata.

  3. Enhanced User Engagement: The mobile optimization and high-quality content led to improved user engagement. Visitors spent more time on the site, exploring services, and contacting the company.


  1. Lack of awareness: One of the primary challenges was that GemstoneandAstrology was relatively unknown in the digital space. Establishing trust and credibility in a highly competitive industry was a continuous effort.

  2. Staying Competitive: To maintain and improve rankings, continuous efforts were required, as the competition in the astrology and gemstone sector in Kolkata remained high.

gemstone portfolio


  1. Keyword Optimization: Extensive keyword research was conducted to identify the most relevant and high-traffic keywords related to astrology and gemstones in Kolkata. These keywords were then strategically incorporated into the website’s content, including blog posts, service descriptions, and meta tags.

  2. Content Strategy: High-quality and informative content was created to establish GemstoneandAstrology as an authority in the field. This included blog posts about astrology, gemstone recommendations, and related topics. The content was optimized for search engines and designed to engage the audience.

  3. Local SEO: Local search optimization was a key focus, given the localized nature of the business. The Google My Business profile was claimed and optimized to improve local search rankings. This included accurate business information, reviews, and images.

  4. Backlink Building: A backlink strategy was implemented to acquire high-quality, industry-relevant backlinks. These backlinks improved the website’s authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines.

  5. Mobile Optimization: The website was made mobile-friendly to cater to the growing number of mobile users in Kolkata.

Final Result:

GemstoneandAstrology’s online presence was transformed through the effective implementation of SEO strategies. The website’s search engine rankings significantly improved, resulting in increased organic traffic from a relevant audience. The business was able to establish itself as a reputable source for astrology and gemstone services in Kolkata. While challenges remained, the company’s commitment to ongoing SEO efforts ensured continued growth and success in the digital landscape. This case study underscores the importance of SEO in enhancing online visibility and attracting the right audience in a competitive market.

gemstone portfolio
gemstone portfolio
gemstone site image
gemstone portfolio
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