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Project Overview

Dhali Global Trade is a renowned e-commerce platform that caters to the needs of both exporters and importers worldwide. With a mission to streamline international trade and foster global business relationships, Dhali Global Trade offers a comprehensive range of services and innovative solutions. This case study examines the challenges faced by the company, the solutions implemented, and the results achieved in optimizing trade operations.

Client: Mr. Tarak Dhali (Kolkata)

Date : 25 May 2023

Categories: Web Development

To achieve the project’s objectives, the following tasks will be performed:

  1. Research and analysis: Conduct research on the elevator industry, market trends, and competitors’ websites to identify best practices, trends, and opportunities for the website design.

  2. Planning and strategy: Develop a comprehensive plan and strategy for the website design, content creation, and user experience based on the research findings.

  3. Website design and development: Create a visually appealing and responsive website design that reflects the company’s branding and values. Develop the website using modern web technologies and optimize it for search engines and mobile devices.

  4. Content creation and optimization: Create high-quality and relevant content for the website’s pages, including service descriptions, portfolio, and blog posts. Optimize the content for search engines and user engagement.

  5. Testing and launch: Conduct extensive testing to ensure functionality, performance, and user experience. Once the website is fully tested and approved, launch it and make it available to the public.


  1. Fragmented Supply Chains: The global trade industry was plagued by fragmented supply chains, leading to inefficiencies, delays, and increased costs for both exporters and importers.

  2. Lack of Trust and Transparency: Establishing trust and ensuring transparency between trading partners remained a significant challenge due to information asymmetry and a lack of reliable platforms for secure transactions.

  3. Limited Market Access: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often struggled to access global markets, facing barriers related to logistics, documentation, and financial constraints.

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  • Integrated E-Commerce Platform: Dhali Global Trade developed a user-friendly and comprehensive e-commerce platform that connected exporters and importers, allowing them to streamline their operations, access a broader network of trading partners, and facilitate end-to-end transactions.

  • Supply Chain Optimization: The platform introduced advanced supply chain management tools to address the fragmentation issue. These tools enabled seamless coordination, improved visibility, and real-time tracking of shipments, leading to faster delivery times and reduced costs.

  • Trust and Verification Mechanisms: Dhali Global Trade implemented robust verification and rating systems for both exporters and importers, ensuring trust and transparency. Verified profiles and user ratings enhanced credibility, enabling traders to confidently engage in business transactions.

  • Market Access Support: Recognizing the challenges faced by SMEs, Dhali Global Trade offered tailored support services such as logistics assistance, documentation support, and financing options, empowering smaller businesses to participate in international trade.

Final Result:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: By leveraging Dhali Global Trade’s integrated platform and supply chain optimization tools, exporters and importers experienced significant improvements in efficiency. Time-consuming manual processes were replaced by automated systems, reducing errors, and accelerating transaction cycles.

  2. Increased Trust and Transparency: The implementation of robust verification and rating mechanisms fostered trust between trading partners, leading to more secure and reliable business interactions. Increased transparency facilitated informed decision-making and minimized the risk of fraudulent activities.

  3. Expanded Market Reach: Through Dhali Global Trade’s market access support services, SMEs gained access to a wider customer base, transcending geographical boundaries. Small businesses flourished, driving economic growth and job creation.

  4. Cost Reduction: The streamlined supply chain and optimized logistics processes resulted in cost savings for both exporters and importers. Reduced transportation times and improved inventory management translated into lower operational expenses and improved profitability.

Conclusion: Dhali Global Trade successfully overcame the challenges faced by the global trade industry by providing a comprehensive e-commerce platform, integrating supply chains, enhancing trust and transparency, and supporting market access for SMEs. The implementation of these solutions resulted in improved efficiency, increased trust, expanded market reach, and cost reduction. Dhali Global Trade continues to revolutionize the import-export landscape, contributing to the growth and prosperity of businesses worldwide.

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